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Multiple Game Modes & Scenarios:

The choice is yours!

Skirmish, Siege, Assault, and many more to come!
A revolution in mobile gaming!
Each game mode includes many scenarios,
each with their own captivating features and unique setup.



Tug of war mode for frenzied multiplayer fights!
In Duel or Arena, on a lot of popular and unique scenarios!

Survival / Defense mode,
protect your buildings against brutal Outlaws attacks, solo or with your friends.

Tactical / Speed Run mode, be the fastest in its many challenges!
Play solo or race against your opponents and reach the objective first!

Online Multiplayer:
Join in fiery battles!


Test your tactical skill against players from around the world
in various challenging battlegrounds.
Group with friends in up to 8 players fights and lead your clan to victory!
Climb the worldwide leagues, make your name in the WarWest!


Unlock Dozens of Units and Spells


Discover powerful units and spells with unique abilities,
compose a hand of 6 to create super combinations!
More than 60 cards to master with their very own skills and strengths,
discover them all!


Upgrade Your Troops


Earn daily rewards and special bounties,
turn your troops into powerful war machines!
Level up your party, expand your collection,
rule the battleground!

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