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Multiple game style!!


Skirmish, Conquest, Factory, Assault, Siege,
Adventure, Tower Defence, Blast…
The choice is yours!



Each game mode includes multiple maps,
all with their own specific setup.
PvP in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3… 5v5 players mode to come!
PvE in 1vE, 2vE, 1vEv1… 5-10 players mode to come!

Play with your friends!!


Many game modes already available!
In versus, solo or coop play, and competitive PvE!
Incoming game modes will group up to 10 players.
All matches ranked worldwide!!!


Free to play

No boring grinding!
Unlock your cards once and for all!

Stream WarWest!

WarWest streamers will take part in our upcoming tournaments,
share future maps, game modes, cards and WarWest related news..
No matter how many followers you have.

1 – Create your WarWest account
2 – Join our discord
3 – Access to our Discord streamer channel
4 – Play against other streamers!
5 – Post the links to your videos on WarWest website
6 – We’ll happily share your best games social media.

7 – Lots of surprises and events to come in the following weeks/months

*Receive every news and patch note in advance.
*As a VIP you will have privileged contact with the studio.
*Direct link to the WarWest Team.
*Gain audience by playing with other streamers!
*Possibility to obtain exclusive bonus (keep unlocked cards upon full release, preview access to new maps, modes and cards in development, get special streamer avatar/frame…)
*Be featured on our website and social media.
*Have a lot of fun playing an innovative no grinding multi-mode & multi-map game!

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