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WarWest is an innovative “Multimode” mobile multiplayer strategy game, up to today’s most popular games’ standards, available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.


WarWest is the continuation of Nord versus Sud, a free game created in 2003 by Olivier Bosset, the current director of Full Cycle Games (FCG), who then administered it with Julien Klais until 2008.

The end of life of the game created a strong emotion among its 3,000 daily players, so the idea of creating a sequel never left its creator’s mind.

In 2012, a workgroup of four people was created, that gave birth in December 2016 at the company Full Cycle Games and the “Load’n’Rush” project, which will then become the game WarWest.


WarWest: An Innovative “Multimode” Strategy Game on Mobile!

WarWest is a mobile multiplayer and solo strategy game, set in a Western-Steampunk universe, comprising many different game modes and scenarios with their own specific rules, setup and features.


The team’s ambition since the very beginning of this project was to design a highly evolutive game, allowing a lot of different game modes and features, for an ever renewing and challenging game experience.

A game accessible to all players, yet deep in its gameplay, focused on fun and challenge, inspired by what really moved us during our gamer’s life.

A game for players to gather and have fun, with the potential to expand through tons of various content.

Now the time has come to finally share it with the community! Our constantly evolving game engine and active development allow us to bring crazy ideas to life, so expect a lot!


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